The practice of assessing, calculating and payment of claims.

Carried out efficiently and reliably, expedited and recorded with bespoke technology, understood and interpreted by applying knowledge and experience to real world data.

Our methodology is simple – apply experience and pragmatism to meaningful data, in real time, and the solutions will reveal themselves.
Our technology is far from simple but accessing it, interacting with it and wielding it is second nature. Our multi-node, cloud-based architecture ensures stability, speed, security and complete reliability, anywhere in the world.

Arete lives and breathes data. We gather it remorselessly, share it and interpret it habitually and constantly interrogate it.

We do this on our dedicated claims management platform Crux©.
Track and analyze claims, losses and absences, examine by key metrics, easily view trends, run scheduled and ad hoc reports, slice, dice and leave no data point untouched.
By bridging the gap between claims and insureds, brokers and insurers, we provide early insight into current loss trends to get ahead of the curve.

Claims data unique to each portfolio.

Our robust data analytics capabilities enable us to identify patterns, mitigate risks proactively, and optimize decision-making processes allowing clients to run a more sustainable portfolio.