We understand the cargo and logistics business. It’s global. It’s specialized. And some risks are unique to the industry. Safe transport, precise handling and storage are just a few.

We work only in our areas of expertise – we will never pretend to be something we’re not.

Bodily Injury

Optimum solutions for liabilities arising from claims for bodily injury to crew and passengers.


Mitigate losses, maximize recoveries and expedite claim closure through a transparent adjustment process.


Rapid action to deal with major casualties and navigate the complexities of competing interests and General Average.

Marine Liability

Quickly assess and minimize claims, ensure informed reserving and collaborate with third parties.

Subrogation & Recoveries

Resolute, realistic and proportionate recovery action against third party carriers and insurers.

Third Party Claims

Effective and immediate response to third party claims for cargo loss, damage or bodily injury.

Salvage Sales

Sales and disposals of damaged cargo.

Contract Advice

Interpretation, review and advice on policy conditions, trading conditions and customer contracts.